Active Collaborators

Victor R. Lee is Associate Professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. He completed his Ph.D. at Northwestern University and has since been a faculty member at Utah State University's Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. His personal website with more information related to research interests, education, and other activities can be found at http://www.victor-r-lee.com. His official university webpage is available at http://itls.usu.edu/faculty/lee. On Twitter, he is @VicariousLee

Abigail Phillips is a postdoctoral fellow who worked previously as a rural librarian before completing her PhD in Information Studies from Florida State University. Dr. Phillips has pioneered "empathetic services" and has studied how librarians can better serve neurodiverse youth and youth who experience cyberbullying. At Utah State, she is extending work with libraries and new media and technologies.

Ilana Dubovi is a postdoctoral fellow who specializes in the use of technology to support health and nursing education. A registered nurse, Dr. Dubovi completed her PhD at the University of Haifa and developed computer simulations and agent-based models to enhance the quality of undergraduate nursing education. 

Joel Drake is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at Utah State University. An avid cyclist and former professional technical writer, Joel holds degrees in Physics, English, and Instructional Technology. In addition to supporting curriculum development projects for elementary classrooms, Joel is studying informal physics knowledge among amateur road cyclists and assisting the department in re-designing several courses to enhance student experience.

Ryan Cain is a doctoral student in the Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. Prior to moving to Utah State University, Ryan was an elementary school science teacher in New York City and a photographer. Ryan is largely interested in the maker movement and its implications for elementary science classrooms, and he has also been involved in leading professional development and research on maker education with an emphasis on early childhood settings. He posts on Twitter as @MrCainScience

Liam Fischback is a doctoral student in the Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. He previously completed a bachelor's degree in psychology and is completing a master's degree in Family, Consumer, and Human Development. Liam was previously an air traffic controller and is interested in youth and technology.

Jenny Hansen is a master's student who previously obtained her Master's in library and information sciences. She has worked academic libraries and is interested in how librarians find and use information resources to support development of new programs.

Kyle Lam is a master's student in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. He previously completed work in Management Information Systems and is interested in data analytics as applied to education.

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Jeffrey Thayne, Ph. D.

Whitney L. King, Ed. S.

Brie Ducamp, Ed. S.

Tom Caswell, Ed. S.

Howard Haines, Ed. S., MBA

Jon Thomas, M.S.

Justin Wright, M.S.

Maneksha DuMont, Ph. D.

Scott Smith, Ph. D.

Ani Aghababyan, Ph. D.

Brad Buccambuso, M.S.

Nam Ju Kim

Min Yuan, Ph. D.

Diamond Dang

Aditya Chandel

Mary Briggs

Michelle Berry

Kylie Williamson

Megan Neibergall

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